Septeo comprises a range of specialist and complementary businesses.

They all aim to help their clients enjoy the benefits of the digital revolution by providing the most effective and carefully targeted solutions in their fields. Septeo's structure, and in particular its resource management and expertise are designed to allow each Group business to focus on its primary source of added value: Providing the business expertise required for service excellence.

Driving sales through cross selling and the intelligent use of capital to help Septeo businesses expand around a common vision – creating a convergence of interests with our clients. Providing the exceptional levels of service, day in and day out, to gain our customers’ loyalty.

28 years

15 specialist

782 employees

+ 100 developers
R&D engineers and software architects

+ 80 operational technicians

80000 solution users

85 million Euro turnover (2016)

Septeo has a full product and service portfolio for professionals designed to increase their productivity, streamline, secure and speed up their processes.

Each Septeo Group business is an expert, and often a leader, in its service field.

The quality of Septeo’s products, services and assistance is integral to its DNA and more than 80% of the Group’s activities have ISO 9001 certification to prove it.

Sustainable profits are the key to the Group’s independence and a source of appeal to talent and finance for innovation. We consider these three factors vital for growing and expanding our business efficiently in the long term.

Pooling resources and expertise has boosted the capacity of Group businesses to innovate. This strategy has positioned Septeo Group businesses as leading-edge in their fields.

For Septeo Group, security, backup, data and transaction confidentiality are a priority.

Our strategy is based on independence from financial markets, heavy investment in R&D and continual research, so that we can offer our clients the best possible service quality. We believe that creating a convergence of interests with our clients is the best way to develop sustainable relations.

At Septeo, we believe that our employees are the key to making a difference through excellence and leadership. Respect for our employees, our partners and our clients is an essential element in our approach and helps us to build strong, long-term relationships.

We know that our teams are our greatest assets and as the source of our success we encourage them to grow and to show integrity, team spirit, commitment and belief.

If you share these values, look at our employment offers and apply directly online.


Open Day Dwarf Academy

DWARF ACADEMY, the training center dedicated to artists and technicians in 3D animation organize an Open Day on April 29, 2015. If you want to participate, please send an e-mail at

A new acquisition for SECIB

Since 1990, LOGITOGE is a well-known firm in the lawyers-dedicated software industry. With more than 1 000 users, Logitoge is now part of SECIB. Hugues Galambrun, SECIB’s CEO, perceives this recent acquisition as a boost in the research and development dynamic of SECIB. Thanks to this new purchase, SECIB has reached more than 10 000 lawyers customers and 1850 law firm equipped.

Dictaplus has sold its medical activity

As part of its refocusing strategy onto the lawyers, DictaPlus, the subsidiary of SECIB, has just sold its entire medical division to the firm VocalSoft. This strategy of focusing on the Legal market will allow DictaPlus to put all its energy on the Research and Development oriented for the lawyers'issues.


In May 2013, Septeo Group strengthened its Real-Estate Solutions activities with the acquisition of real-estate software manufacturers Log’In Space (Toulouse) and GPI (Pau) in May 2013. The Group can now offer real-estate professionals a global package from sales transactions through to rentals management to condominium management.


A Webinar is a short online training session. This innovative tool is designed to provide SECIB users with the skills they need to use the latest version of the software and web applications! Webinars are free for a 6-month period. Make the most of this launch offer and try out this new tool. Subscribe now by clicking on the link below: Book now - numbers are limited!


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